25 Best American Dad Episodes Ranked

Season 8 episode “Blood Crieth Unto Heaven” is another example of “American Dad!” lampooning genre tropes. Designed as though it was written for the stage, “Blood Crieth Unto Heaven” is a melodrama about hidden secrets, forbidden romances, and tragic revelations told in the manner of a 1950s stage play. An exercise in style, “Blood Crieth Unto Heaven” might not be the most laugh-out-loud funny episode, but it’s one of the most memorable, enjoyable, and unique “American Dad!” entries to date.

There’s period-accurate clothing, a string-heavy background score, flawless stage setup and transitions, over-the-top performances, hard-hitting drama, plot twists galore, and even a tongue-in-cheek introduction by an accomplished Shakespearean actor, Patrick Stewart (who, of course, voices Bullock). “It may not have wall-to-wall jokes, but it packs an emotional wallop inside technical mastery, which can at times be more impressive,” the AV Club said in its review of the episode.

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