Did Star Wars Inspire Netflix’s Speedy Season 2 Renewal?

netflix is known for cutting shows or holding off before renewing them for more seasons. As such, the speedy renewal of “One Piece” seems quite unusual, at least if we’re judging the streaming giant’s recent trends. However, some Reddit users have cited the merchandising factor and “Star Wars” comparison behind the renewal.

“Two weeks is practically super speed for a modern netflix renewal, u/NotTheCraftyVeteran wrote. “Stuff like Wednesday and Sandman took ages, but there were rights sharing agreements to work through in those cases.”

As previously mentioned, Tony Tony Chopper is also a major selling point, and fans have noticed the character’s impact while comparing him to “Star Wars'” top merch sellers. “Chopper has potential to be netflix’s own Grogu (Baby Yoda),” u/DiamondMachina added. Of course, it remains to be seen if the “One Piece” character will lead to more merchandise sales in the long run. However, it seems that the character has had a positive effect on viewers.

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