Does [SPOILER] Really Die In Episode 3?

Just call Allen the Steve Rogers of space because, after his loss to the Viltrumites in the comics, our favorite Evaluation Officer returns to duty twice as big with the strength to match. In the comics, Thaedus, in all his wisdom, doesn’t go as far as pulling Allen’s plug. Instead, his recovery under the Coalition’s care is what gets him to near Viltrumite level and an even bigger figure than what he already is.

Of course, this is a point in the massive superhero-crammed story that has yet to pass in the show, and annoyingly, we might have to wait until next year to see it happen. How that will impact the story and its characters could be drastically different from the original, though. After Telia leaves her boss to her fallen beau, she might be left in the dark over whatever plans are in place and assume that Allen has really been put out to pasture in space. In doing so, it provides a secret weapon against the Viltrumites and their leader (wait until you get a load of him) that could give the Coalition of Planets some pushback before Mark hopefully joins the effort.

From there, we’re sure it’ll be a totally peaceful sit down to put all this planet-dominating business to bed. Either that, or we’ll be seeing people being beaten to death with their own limbs and Allen the Alien getting payback for having to grow a brand new eye.


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