Every Ed Wood Movie Ranked Bad To Worst

Featured on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” in 1994, “The Sinister Urge” may be one of Wood’s worst, but it may also be one of his most interesting. A crime drama that follows a crooked couple on the run, it puts a twist on the formula and makes the woman the mastermind of their scheme, something nearly unheard of in cinema at the time. Her name is Gloria, and she works for the mafia, producing movies of the lurid, low-budget sleaze kind. Her boyfriend is Johnny Ryde, who directs the pornographic pictures, himself a disgraced filmmaker reduced to selling smut for the mob.

In the film, Gloria and Johnny get into more trouble than they bargain for thanks to Dirk, a mafia thug who is there to kill anyone who might get in the way of their illegal operation. On paper, it sounds like a promising thriller, but in the hands of director Ed Wood — who clearly used his own life as inspiration for the film — it’s little more than a junk movie that tries to have a message and fails miserably.

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The film is a hard-boiled crime noir drama in concept that offers no suspense, a contrived story, flat and boring characters, and of course, the embarrassing shoestring budget fans have become used to in Ed Wood films. The biggest problem it faces, however, is that it has none of the usual oddball and eccentric charm Wood was able to infuse — by accident or otherwise — in movies like “Plan 9,” “Bride of the Monster,” or even “Jailbait.” 


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