Famous TV Co-Stars Who Reunited On Different Shows

Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Lisa Kudrow were two-thirds of the sextet that made up the core cast of “Friends,” and by all accounts, they remain close all these years later. That’s why, when it’s possible, seeing them together is a lot of fun. And, on Courtney Cox’s show “Cougar Town,” she got to reunite with all three of them at different times.

Lisa Kudrow was the earliest to venture into a co-starring role, showing up as a cruel, but funny, dermatologist on the eleventh episode of the first season. Then, in the first episode of Season 2, Jennifer Aniston showed up for an episode as a new psychiatrist of Courtney Cox’s Jules. Finally, in the second episode of season 4, Matthew Perry guest stars as a man whom Jules hits with her car — and is willing to let it go if Jules goes out with him. All three of these reunions were winning in their own ways. Despite only being there for an episode each, for “Friends” fans, each of Cox’s co-stars injected some nostalgia into the show, while digging new ground for “Cougar Town.”

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