Fans Are Left With One Major Question After Watching Netflix’s Spiderhead

It’s what countless people have been wondering since first seeing “Spiderhead” drop into their netflix “recommended for you” and “just released” sections — without any sort of advertising campaign or media teases whatsoever. Those who managed to catch wind of Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi flick in the days and weeks before it became available to stream were just as shocked by its randomness. 

“Oh, interesting a new Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller movie by the director of ‘Top Gun 2’ just got dumped to netflix with zero notice or promotion, I wonder if it’s good,” tweeted author Jason Pargin on June 14. Other Twitter users were also quickly dismissive of the product. “netflix fumbling the bag yet again I see,” wrote @dizzybink. “A new film from the director of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ drops, starring Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth, and I have to go manually look for it in the search function.” Likewise, @h4ydns openly questioned netflix’s lack of marketing, writing, “Why is there no promotion for ‘Spiderhead’ that literally comes out THIS WEEK.” 

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Interestingly, much of the criticism surrounding netflix’s lack of promotion for “Spiderhead” stemmed from a tweet thread by Peter Atencio, a producer and director who used the film’s limited attention to bring more awareness to streaming filmmakers and the app’s ongoing job-cutting situation (via Variety).


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