Fort Salem According To Fans

Commenters on the “Motherland: Fort Salem” subreddit agree with u/The-Pink-Panther that in fact “Tally is the unit’s best leader”. As u/The-Pink-Panther points out, Abigail may have the bloodline and the most experience of the recruits, but “in my opinion the unit works better together under Tally’s leadership.” Abigail is often depicted as the natural leader, but Tally is better at challenging authority and acting selflessly for the benefit of the group, both of which are strong leadership qualities.

u/Madigrey also points out that Abigail “makes really bad decisions when emotions get involved,” whereas u/MunchYourButt noticed how “Tally’s emotions are her strength that allow her to question authority and see through Alder’s lies.” In short, Abigail tends to make impulsive choices based on her emotions and personal investment, whereas Tally uses her feelings to try and understand the truth about difficult situations.

It will be interesting to see where the characters will end up in the final season, but u/Jamie_Taylor27 is hopeful that “Motherland” will “most certainly address at some point [Tally’s] rightful place as the leader of the unit.”

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