Futurama Season 11 Episode 5’s Moon Adventure Is A Callback To Season 1

During Season 1’s “The Series Has Landed,” Phillip J. Fry (Billy West) is excited when he learns the crew is about to make a delivery to the Moon, a place he’s always dreamed of visiting. Unfortunately, instead of the untamed planet he’s pictured in his head for so many years, the Moon has become a tourist trap complete with a large, domed theme park. Outside of the safe, sterile environs of Luna Park, however, wild creatures continue to roam. There are also humans, such as the Hydroponic Farmer, who make a living outside of the theme park by farming the land.

The Hydroponic Farmer has appeared in a number of episodes since his Season 1 debut. He infamously has three beautiful robot daughters  — Lulubelle 7, Daisy Mae 128k, and the Crushinator — whom he’s very protective of, and the latter of whom has a brief assignation with Bender (John DiMaggio) during Episode 2. All three daughters have returned for “Related to Items You’ve Viewed,” declaring that they’re going to take on jobs within the warehouse, and can later be seen working for Momazon in spite of their father’s protests.

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Craterface, meanwhile, works as a mascot in Luna Park and had a notable conflict with Bender during “The Series Has Landed.” They’ve also returned with some extremely fiery opinions about Mom’s warehouse and can be seen truly enjoying the downfall of the Momazon operation at multiple junctions in the episode.

It’s always fun to catch up on the adventures of the show’s Moon-bound citizens, and hopefully “Futurama” will give us more chances to do so in the future.


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