Godzilla’s Darkest Enemy Needs A MonsterVerse Revival Now

Much of Biollante’s backstory and power set fits the way the MonsterVerse handles its kaiju. In this film series, the gigantic monsters are Earth’s defense system, and while Biollante is lab-created, it embodies the concept better than any other member of its kind. It’s not just a kaiju that can rejuvenate nature — it’s the kaiju that is nature. 

Moreover, since the Monsterverse seems to operate on “kaiju are enforcers of nature” rules, Biollante has just what it takes to become a longtime antagonist — the MonsterVerse’s own Sauron or Palpatine, if you will. It has proven that it can evolve. What prevents it from becoming, say, an entire rainforest lined with those mouthy tentacles, just waiting for someone stupid enough to attack? It has the power of turning into spores. What if those spores could influence other kaiju and bring them under its will? What prevents it from abusing the kaiju rules the Monsterverse has so painstakingly set up, and trying to take over the entire world to save it from mankind? 

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There could easily be a full trilogy with Biollante as the main antagonist that no one can defeat, while it uses its spores to make lesser kaiju — either new creations or existing classics — into its mind-controlled slaves. The endgame would be a human character — or perhaps Kong? — figuring out the whole “soul of a little girl” thing and connecting to Biollante’s human side.  

There’s already precedent for Biollante influencing other kaiju, as its spores created the dangerous Godzilla clone SpaceGodzilla . Potentially, every possible kaiju creature could feature in a Biollante-centric story — and the MonsterVerse would certainly benefit from added continuity, courtesy of an overarching antagonist with a surprisingly tragic origin.


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