How Elijah Wood Really Felt About The Rings Of Power Before It Had A Title

For months before the title of the uber-expensive Prime Video fantasy series was confirmed to be “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” it was generally referred to by its tentative working title of “The Lord of the Rings.” In fact, back in February 2021, in an interview with Empire, Elijah Wood sounded off about the prospect of a show with that title covering different subject matter from Tolkien’s proper “Lord of the Rings” novel and its corresponding film adaptations.

Like any Tolkien nerd worth their salt, Wood has his Middle-earth chronology straight; as such, it’s no surprise that he at the time told Empire, “I find it very bizarre that they’re calling it ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a shorthand, because it’s not ‘Lord of the Rings!’ It takes place in the Second Age of Middle-earth.”

Per NME, that was not the first time Wood had pointed out the “slightly misleading” nature of naming a Second Age-set tale “The Lord of the Rings.” In 2020, the actor said, “From what I understand, the material they are working on exists chronologically further back in history in the lore of ‘Lord of the Rings’ or Middle-earth than any characters represented in ‘Lord of the Rings’ … It sounds more Silmarillion era. Not to get nerdy, but it’s the Second Age of Middle-earth.”

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