How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

There are 110 episodes of “Community” across six seasons. Season 1 boasts 25 episodes, Season 2 has 24 episodes, and Season 3 has 22 episodes. Seasons 4–6 boast truncated 13-episode runs. After a critically acclaimed Season 5, the series was canceled by NBC — a devastating blow to fans — but the newly-launched streaming service Yahoo! Screen saved the day, breathing new life into Dan Harmon’s show one more time. Stateside, all six seasons of “Community” are currently available on netflix.

When you watch the series in its entirety, it’s easy to see how on edge the show feels, with each season potentially serving as its last. Despite that, potential “Community” viewers should still consider digesting the show’s chaotic and strange six seasons. After all, it boasts early appearances from some of Hollywood’s most hard-working and popular creatives, including Donald Glover and Alison Brie. Beyond that, the show served as a major launch pad for Anthony and Joe Russo, who eventually went on to direct “Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and more for Marvel Studios – gigs they landed because of the “Community” episodes they helmed.

When it came time to deliver Season 6, which has since become its finale, Harmon knew that it was important to end on a definitive note, acknowledging that the franchise could only continue if everyone returned. “If there was some magical way of guaranteeing that everyone could come back all at once, let’s do it,” Harmon told TVLine. “But it would be a lot easier to put together a movie project and get them all on board than to say, ‘Let’s give it one more season!'” he added. Luckily, Harmon and his fanbase got their wish.


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