How Much Disney Paid Taylor Swift For The Eras Tour Movie Rights (Report)

Nothing about Taylor Swift’s career has been what one could call “conventional.” The rare country star able to seamlessly cross into new genres, she constantly smashes records, including many of her own. This was true for her Eras Tour, which broke Ticketmaster — and resulted in a Senate hearing about the online seller’s potentially illegal monopoly — before it even kicked off in March 2023, and its concert movie’s path to the big screen was similarly atypical.

Something even Swift, a self-professed “mastermind,” couldn’t have foreseen is that the October 13 premiere of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” would happen during the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which shifted several Hollywood release dates until the studios and guilds reached a deal (creating a demand for new films in theaters). As Matthew Belloni reported before the film’s release, Swift and her father, Scott, worked without any major studios, staying loyal to the guilds and their cause while also taking home a substantial cut of the profits (the Swift camp received 53% compared to AMC’s 47%). As of early 2024, the film’s worldwide gross is just over $261 million.

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