Howard Stern Was Bradley Cooper’s First Choice For This A Star Is Born Role

Recalling why he initially offered Howard Stern the role of Jackson Maine’s brother in “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper noted that it was the shock jock’s gentle look, which was surprising to him because of Stern’s crude on-air demeanor. “The first time I saw you in person, I couldn’t believe how gentle your eyes are …” Cooper told Stern. “You can’t even hide it. As much of an a**hole [as] you try to be, to me, it’s like, ‘Look how kind his eyes are. It’s impossible to hate the guy.'”

While he didn’t mention him by name, Stern said Sam Elliott was fantastic in the role. Cooper also clarified that the role of Bobby Maine as he imagined it for Stern was a totally different role than the one Elliott actually ended up playing. The offer to Stern came very early in the production process, and Cooper knew the radio host was interested since it took about two to three weeks before he passed on the role.

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During the interview, Stern modestly pointed out to Cooper that he questioned whether he was good-looking enough to play Jackson’s brother in the film. Stern explained how he’d thought, “Whoa. You must think I’m a lot better looking than [I am]. They’re gonna be like, what the f***? What is this movie gonna be, like ‘Twins’? I’m Danny DeVito and he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger or something?”

“A Star Is Born” wouldn’t have been the first time Stern starred in a feature film. Stern played himself in the 1997 biopic “Private Parts,” which is based on his autobiography.


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