Is Goku Dead Or Alive? The Complicated Answer Explained

Of course, that second example comes with the caveat that Goku was actually the one to put out the hit on himself in “Dragon Ball Super” as he wanted to test out Hit’s abilities for himself. This is why, despite Hit killing Goku, Goku was resurrected almost immediately by a Ki Blast he had shot off right before he was killed, which is how he’s currently alive in the continuity of the show.

As for Goku’s other notable deaths, probably the most famous is his demise at the hands of Piccolo (Takeshi Aono/Christopher Sabat) in the first episode of “Dragon Ball Z.” In this example, the hero sacrifices himself to save the world from the threat posed by his brother, Raditz (Shigeru Chiba/Justin Cook). Goku also died in the sequel series when he absorbed the blast from Cell (Norio Wakamoto/Dameon Clarke) and after a rare heart disease claimed his life.

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Still, even after all of this, no one can seem to keep the Saiyan warrior down. Despite being killed over and over again, Goku is still alive and well in the universe of “Dragon Ball Super,” just like many of the other “Dragon Ball” characters who have suffered repeated deaths across the franchise.


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