James Gunn’s Infamous ‘F*** Everyone’ Batman Tirade Sparks New Controversy

James Gunn began by calling Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” film an “atrocity” before later describing it as “poorly written” and “one of the most boring films ever.” He concluded, “It’s a ridiculous, awful film. Burton’s Planet of the Apes is genius by comparison.”

Bruce Wayne actor Michael Keaton — who reprised his role in “The Flash” — was dragged into the guano-slinging after another user compared him favorably to Christian Bale. Gunn responded to the claim by calling Keaton’s Batman voice “ridiculous” and his performance “barely worthy of the [1966] Batman TV show” — before going on to trash “Batman Begins” as well.

As for Jack Nicholson’s oft-lauded turn as the Joker, Gunn was particularly outraged. “… [T]he reveal of the Joker as the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents spits in the face of Batman’s origin,” he wrote before continuing in another comment, “Oh yeah, and Jack Nicholson as the Joker is Jack Nicholson in [The Shining] with sh**y clown makeup. F*** you, everyone involved in that travesty.”

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