Loki Season 2 Finally Mentions Thor’s OTHER Brother

Inspired by Baldr from Norse history, Balder was the half-brother to Thor and Loki and just as beloved in Asgard as our hammer-wielding hero. In keeping with the mythology, Balder was linked to Ragnarok in that his death would mark the first sign of the end of all things. To dodge that bullet, Odin blessed his son with invulnerability, leading him to grow up and be a noble and heroic prince, even taking over as ruler of Asgard at one point when Thor had to clock off briefly to find their missing father.

Having played such a significant part in Marvel Comics history for Thor’s stories in the past, it is quite surprising that Balder has never been referenced until this point in the MCU. Such a fleeting namedrop does seem strange. Still, it may not have stood out as much had things gone according to plan regarding “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” when Balder was offered to an actor known for handling the iconic role of superspy James Bond.

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