Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A Working Title

The fifth and sixth phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been and are slated to continue to be all about the Kree and Skrulls. Those menacing alien creatures who have the ability to shapeshift into any creature or human being are a major plot point during “Secret Invasion,” and they seem to be a continuing throughline in “The Marvels,” among other Phase 5 and 6 productions. In the comics world, where do the Kree first establish a colony to prove their ability to colonize other planets and their superiority over the Skrulls in a contest established by the Cotati? The blue area of the moon.

It’s not a situation that ends well for the Kree; the Skrulls are picked as the superior alien race by the Cotati, and the Kree respond by rebelling against the decision. They abandon their settlement, and over the years, it rots in stasis on the moon. It’s later found by the Fantastic Four during further space exploration in Issue 13 of “Fantastic Four.” The storyline introduces Uatu the Watcher.

Is it possible that this storyline, or some version of it, might show up in the reboot movie? Since “Fantastic Four” is slated to ramp up the Marvel slate leading into the release of “Avengers: Secret Wars” — which, in comic-book-storyline terms, deals in part with a titanic physical contest between all the major Marvel Comics characters — it’s possible. Since “Fantastic Four: Blue Moon” won’t hit movie screens until the early summer of 2025, fans will have quite a lot of time to speculate as to its true meaning — if “Blue Moon” manages to remain appended to the movie’s title, that is.


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