Marvel’s New X-Men Get The Most Horrifying Team Debut Since Deadpool 2

“X-Men: The Hellfire Gala” #1 opens with the resurrection of Ms. Marvel on Krakoa. After being brought back as a mutant-Inhuman hybrid with mutant powers that are yet to be revealed, the X-Men help prepare her for the Hellfire Gala and open the doors to their mutant paradise.

Several key faces arrive, including the Avengers, Rasputin IV, and even the Kingpin. However, the Avengers are called into action and forced to leave early. Despite Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ departure, Jean Grey continues the celebration, gathering together for a vote on the annual new X-Men team. She reveals an all-new roster featuring familiar faces such as Talon, Sync, Jubilee, Prodigy, and Dazzler, with Cannonball, Juggernaut, and Frenzy joining them. But just as they are about to celebrate the reveal, mayhem breaks loose.

The advanced robot Nimrod, the greatest weapon of the anti-mutant Orchis organization, descends from the sky and immediately kills the new X-Men, with the sole exception of Juggernaut. This attack would have been much deadlier had Jean not blunted the shockwave with her telekinetic powers, preventing Nimrod’s impact from instantly murdering even more people. The X-Men scramble as Orchis soldiers and Stark Sentinels devastate Gala attendees, human and mutant alike. When all is said and done, Charles Xavier is forced to submit — but the attack only gets worse, with Moira X, M.O.D.O.K., and Mr. Sinister joining the massacre. A few mutants manage to escape, but by the end of the ambush, the mutant population has been decimated, with the entire new X-Men team apparently killed in the massacre.

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