Norman Lear Had One Major Regret During His 73-Year TV Career

Even the most legendary TV creators have flops every now and then. Norman Lear’s track record more than speaks for itself, even if he thought “The Nancy Walker Show” could’ve been better. However, even if it was canceled in its first season, the show still made a mark on the television landscape. “The Nancy Walker Show” is notable for including one of the first homosexual characters in a TV show with Terry Folson, played by Ken Olfson. 

Nancy Walker maintained sarcastic, dry wit all the way through. Before the show was canceled, Walker spoke with The New York Times in 1976 about her newest role, and she didn’t seem interested in fretting over its ultimate fate. She stated, “I don’t waste time washing for things or crying when they don’t happen. Because the only thing you can count on is that whatever you’ve been planning is not going to work out that way. I survive — that’s as far as I can go.” At the time of publication, only a few episodes had aired, with The New York Times also containing this coincidental line, “So far, ‘Nancy’ is less than a hit but not in danger of [cancelation].”

While Walker likely took the cancelation in stride, it speaks to Lear’s character that he thought the actor and the series deserved better. But even with a premature cancelation, Lear did what he did best — keep going and continue to oversee new shows well into the 21st century. 


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