Pedro Pascal Suits Up As Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards In Marvel Fanart

If the mock-up of Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards from @bosslogic wasn’t enough to convince fans, other artists have posted their interpretations of what the actor may look like if and when he makes his MCU debut. Creator @spdrmnkyxxiii shared an image on Instagram of Pascal similarly suited up as Mister Fantastic, but with a few key differences. Pascal wears glasses in the mock-up, highlighting Reed Richard’s more intelligent side. His neck is also extremely outstretched, giving viewers a taste of the character’s stretching powers.

Meanwhile, @justralphy posted fan art using Pascal’s likeness for Mister Fantastic, which also looks quite convincing. This drawing notably features Pascal’s Reed Richards with a costume blending the character’s classic comic book appearance with his look in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” It’s a distinct style that works for the hero, though it’s unknown whether “Fantastic Four” will use the suit from the “Doctor Strange” sequel or a new design.

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It’s clear from all of this fan art and the conversation surrounding Pascal’s potential casting as Mister Fantastic that the MCU fan community is eagerly anticipating their first look at the actor in character. Of course, it still hasn’t been confirmed Pascal will take on the role, so audiences will simply need to hold out hope for more information on the Fantastic Four reboot soon.


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