Rick And Todd Comparisons Don’t Sit Well With Gold Rush Fans

Some fans are pushing back on the idea that Rick is the new Todd. On a post on the r/goldrush subreddit, Reddit user u/mapppa argued that Rick had many differences to Todd in terms of his approach. The fan listed several reasons, including Rick’s intimate experience running a successful operation, his penchant for frugality wherever possible, and his willingness to listen to advice and visibly learn from mistakes. “I’m not a huge Rick fan by any means,” the user said in the post. “I have nothing against the guy and wish him the best. But to be a new Todd, you have to bring a lot more to the table than unpreparedness.”

Other fans agreed with the assessment, with some arguing that Rick had far more of a proactive nature when it came to dealing with unforeseen obstacles. “When anything goes wrong Rick goes to help,” user u/raybone12 commented. “Todd would show up complain and leave.”

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Wherever fans’ opinions fall on Rick and Todd, it’s clear that many believe the two have forged their own unique paths. As Rick continues to be a leading force on “Gold Rush,” only time will tell how his overall legacy as a gold miner pans out. As for Todd, he recently returned to the world of gold mining in his new series “Hoffman Family Gold.”

“I think this time I have a better perspective,” Todd said in an interview with Monsters and Critics. He addedm “We make better moves. Better decisions.”


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