Star Wars Is Finally Changing Its Filthiest Name

As noted by The AV Club, the new collection of “Star Wars” short stories, “From A Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi,” features a tale from Phil Szostak, exploring alien musician Max Rebo’s story in more depth and detailing how he ended up in the cantina on Tattooine. When the story talks about the type of music Rebo plays, it calls a song not like “one of any number of jatz standards he knew by heart.” Instead of calling the music “jizz” as other “Star Wars” stories have referred to the unique musical style, the new story gives it a name change that doesn’t make it sound R-Rated.

Interestingly, jatz also has a place in “Star Wars” history. In the “Star Wars Adventures Journal” magazine published in the early 1990s, a genre of music called jatz is named as popular music for the Galactic Republic. Jatz was also most recently referenced in the novel “Inquisitor: Rise Of The Red Blade. Given Disney’s efforts to make content for all ages, changing the name from jizz to jatz makes a lot of sense, especially if they ever plan on exploring the music’s performers further in upcoming live-action adaptations.

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