The Biggest Differences Between Netflix’s One Piece And The Manga

With the live-action series having limited space and time onscreen to tell everyone’s stories, it’s no surprise that some characters from the manga were cut out entirely. For instance, Zoro actually has two companions and former pirate hunter partners — Johnny and Yosaku — who help the Straw Hats in their early adventures. Both Johnny and Yosaku actually play big roles in not only establishing a group dynamic, but also in the battles at the Baratie and Arlong Park.

Unfortunately, Johnny and Yosaku were cut out of the show — likely because they wouldn’t fit into the dynamic and thematic connections of the characters. To be fair, cutting Johnny and Yosaku was probably smart, since their stint with the Straw Hats ends in the manga before the crew heads off for the Grand Line and the two become bounty hunters again. 

Another character that’s absent is Jango — a key member of Kuro’s Black Cat pirates in the manga. Jango’s absence actually changes Kuro’s (Alexander Maniatis) plan to take over Kaya’s (Celeste Loots) estate. Unlike the manga, Kuro doesn’t plan to use Jango’s hypnosis powers to make his pirates stronger and instead tries to take over by brute force. Although the netflix series finds ways around having to use certain characters from the manga, fans will still notice their absence. 

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