The Breaking Bad ‘Cameo’ That’s Either A Hilarious Meta-Joke Or A Major Mistake

This would hardly be the most egregious continuity slip in a world where the infamous “Game of Thrones” coffee cup gaffe exists. Still, considering “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan’s penchant for hiding tiny details in the show’s episodes and seeing if anyone will notice has to make fans wonder whether it was really a mistake at all or whether it was done on purpose.

Obviously, barring interdimensional travel, a “Breaking Bad” DVD can’t really exist in the New Mexico crime drama, but someone had to put together the shooting location of Hank and Marie’s (Betsy Brandt) house. After all, if you watch the scene in question, you’ll notice other key details like a purple rug (purple is Marie’s favorite color), showing that there was clearly attention being paid while laying out the room.

All the same, with no official comments from the cast and crew of “Breaking Bad” about the gaffe, viewers can’t really know for sure whether the DVD was included by accident or if it was just left there by a crewmember as a tiny prank. Either way, the fact that a show scored a cameo of itself in its final season is definitely a fun little bit of trivia for fans to mull over.

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