The Dog At The End Of Episode 2 Has A Tragic Backstory

When they first meet, Chouchou is hostile toward Luffy and eats a key he needs to free himself from a cage. Then, Buggy Pirates First Mate Mohji ends up threatening the pet food store Chouchou’s owner ran before dying. Chouchou tries to stop him, but Mohji overpowers the dog and burns the store to the ground. It’s here that readers and viewers learn that, while sick with the ailment that would eventually kill him, Chouchou’s owner asked his dog to look after his shop. Even after his owner’s death, then, Chouchou is continuing to obey this final wish.

Chouchou’s stubborn refusal to abandon the pet food store without putting up a fight inspires Luffy, who makes quick work of Mohji once he’s free from the cage. Now understanding why Chouchou was initially aggressive, Luffy brings him the sole bag of dog food that remained intact after the building burned down.

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For viewers familiar with either the “One Piece” anime or manga, Chouchou’s cameo in Episode 2 of the netflix series is meant to evoke this emotional storyline.


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