The Ending Of Fruits Basket Explained

As viewers know, the cursed members of the zodiac have suffered their entire life. They are unable to have relationships and must keep their distance from those that do not know of their predicament. However, instead of moaning about it, they accept it because it’s all they’ve ever known, and they do not wish to extend their suffering to others. 

The curse-breaking and Akito’s attempt at redemption offer them a new chance at life. They, like Yuki and Kyo, can live as they see fit, without worrying about the consequences of their actions. Hatori is finally able to move on from Kana, Rin realizes that she wants to be with Hatsuharu and understands that she can’t hurt him anymore, Kisa and Hiro can live out their childhoods with each other, Momiji can pursue his passion for music, and, possibly have a relationship with his sister, Shigure can help Akito become a better person, Ritsu becomes much more confident in himself as a man, Ayame can continue to repair his relationship with Yuki, and Kagura can move on from Kyo and find her own path. The ending represents spring, in a way, as the Soma family shakes their cold existences and steps out, renewed and fresh. They can all become the people they always wished they could be, and they can finally take steps towards their personal happiness. 

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