The Ending Of Take Me To The River Explained

After Ryder’s awkward ordeal with Keith, he’s taken home by Molly on horseback. Instead of going home though, she decides to have them go on a detour so that they can swim in a nearby river. While Ryder is initially opposed to going in, he decides to join Molly, and the two have a seemingly pleasant time for the most part. In general, it’s hard not to feel like this detour is sort of a set-up conjured by Keith, and when Molly suddenly disappears on Ryder, it instantly creates a panicked atmosphere. Ryder’s search for Molly eventually leads him home, where he sees that Molly, Keith, and his parents are there almost waiting for him. 

They joke about almost sending a search party out for him, but the jokes soon stop once everyone starts talking. Keith is clearly there for ulterior motives and starts to make comments that highlight something initially unseen about him. When Keith asks Molly if she and Ryder did any “chicken-fighting” down by the river, he eludes to something that happened between him and Cindy when they were younger. Given how upset both Cindy and Keith are during the conversation and how it’s talked about by Keith, he’s possibly highlighting some physical or even sexual abuse that occurred when he and Cindy were kids. This causes Cindy to break down, but she doesn’t reveal anything more on the matter.

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