The Equalizer 3: Director Antoine Fuqua Talks Denzel, Dakota, And The Bond Between Them

This is the only series of movies both you and Denzel Washington have done. What is it about your relationship with him that’s so special?

It’s a very respectful relationship to begin with, and it also is based on trust. A lot of that comes from Mr. Washington, from the first time I worked with him on “Training Day.” He never questioned things I wanted to do. He never came and looked at the monitor and said, “I need to look through the lens.” At that time, I was so young — he had more experience, obviously, and he basically was like, “You got it.” Whatever direction I gave him, he took it. That’s a big deal for a director, especially working with someone on that level, to know that he trusts you. It puts a lot of responsibility [on you] if you care not to screw that up.

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