The Side Effect Of Compound V May Explain Homelander’s ‘Kryptonite’

Though it’s certainly possible that a dangerously under-regulated and dubiously legal drug like Compound V could chemically alter the brain, it’s equally possible — if not more so — that these mental health conditions are born of the cruelty that many Supes are subjected to from birth. Being forced to live a public life as a horrifying cross between a celebrity and a weapon while simultaneously being shielded from the truth of ordinary life and the consequences of your actions by sociopathic corporate executives (and/or parents) would be enough to shake anyone’s perception of reality to its breaking point.

By making these characters’ psychological disorders a side effect of Compound V, however, “The Boys” and “Gen V” are missing an invaluable opportunity to explore how systems of power can affect and potentially traumatize those charged with championing them. While this angle might be more challenging, it would offer a depth and nuance that have the potential to resonate with viewers searching for answers on their own mental health journey.

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