The Tragedy Of Jennifer Lien & Her Star Trek Character

Letting Jennifer Lien go had not been the production’s first choice. Though specifics on the actor’s condition were never offered, she had been dealing with it for some time. As her performance started to deteriorate, the crew tried to help.

“We knew that there was something going on,” producer Jeri Taylor said in “Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration,” the 2020 book revolving around the series. “But she wouldn’t talk or let us offer to help.” With no other foreseeable options, showrunners decided to write her out of the show. Her departure occurred at the beginning of Season 4 when Kes’ telepathic abilities spiral out of control, resulting in her transforming into an orb of energy. 

Unfortunately for Lien, quitting acting was not the solution. The former “Voyager” star had brushes with the law, including an incident where she was arrested for indecent exposure. Per Variety, Lien exposed herself to children in 2015, reportedly resisting arrest and threatening violence against the arresting officers. After paying restitution, she stayed out of the public eye until 2018, when WATE 6 reported she was arrested for driving on a revoked license. Though relatively quiet as of late, Lien represents the sad morality tale of not accepting help when you may need it most.

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