The Yen Storyline Anya Chalotra Hopes To Avoid In S4 & How It Might Change

Considering the fact that this storyline would put Yennefer out of commission for an extended amount of in-world time, it makes sense that Anya Chalotra would push back against this plot point. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like this storyline will end up being adapted for the screen at all, since netflix’s “The Witcher” has already made major changes to the story that would lead to Yennefer’s transformation.

In the books, Francesca Findabair compresses Yennefer into a figurine in order to smuggle her away from the island of Thanedd, fearing that Yennefer would be named a traitor after the coup at Aretuza, and would be subsequently hunted by the sorcerer Rience (Sam Woolf). After being returned to her normal state, Yennefer is recruited by Francesca into the newly formed Lodge of Sorceresses.

Not only is Rience already dead in netflix’s “The Witcher,” but we’ve already seen the coup at Aretuza come and go in the middle of Season 3. The last time we saw Yennefer, she and the other surviving sorceresses were swearing their vengeance against Vilgefortz (Mahesh Jadu), which could be seen as a prelude to the creation of the Lodge. This might indicate that Yennefer will actually lead this organization in the show. On the other hand, Francesca does actually leave the side of Vilgefortz and Fringilla at the end of Season 3, perhaps leading to a storyline where we’ll see her use this painful jade prison on Yennefer after all when she forms the Lodge. But regardless of what happens next, one has to assume that “The Witcher” won’t let one of its most popular characters turn into a useless figurine for half the season.

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