ThunderCats’ Best Lion-O Movie Casting Would Make It A Success But Upset Fans

Reviving a dormant IP requires one of three ingredients: (1) an IP with name value that sells itself, (2) a trailer that’s amazing enough to sell the non-believers, or (3) star-power to give it a boost. The “Transformers” franchise is an example of the first. The “Jump Street” movies, on the other hand, are an artful demonstration of the third — many fans never even saw the original series, and simply went for Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

For “ThunderCats,” it’s easy to see why a studio would want to jump on the fan enthusiasm for casting Jason Momoa as Lion-O. Frankly, it’s money in the bank. And “ThunderCats,” like it or not, doesn’t have the same clout as “Transformers,” or even “Masters of the Universe,” for that matter. The franchise tried to make a comeback in 2011 and 2020, but both animated shows were canceled after their first season. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for a live-action film. But Jason Momoa is one of the biggest stars out there, and it’s very easy to see him being down for this, given his past film roles. With all this in mind, it seems like the perfect deal.

The only question is, would fans be happy with it? Because fan casting aside, the type of characters Momoa plays are not the Lion-O that fans remember from the animated series, and it’s very likely that the traits which have previously defined the character would quickly get shoved aside to make way for the classic Momoa-isms.


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