Week 10 POV Winner And Ceremony Results Revealed

After Zombie Cameron Hardin was resurrected, Matt Klotz and Jag Bains joined him to form the Fugitive alliance, and the three seemed ready to move forward together. But that was before Jag scored the Power of Veto, rescued Felicia Cannon from her fourth time on the eviction block, and managed to convince Bowie Jane Ball to nominate Cameron in her stead.

During Week 9 of “Big Brother” 25, everything was coming up Cameron, but in Week 10, his luck finally ran out. As the previous HoH, Cameron wasn’t eligible to compete for the title again, and he also wasn’t given an opportunity to take part in the Power of Veto competition. This left him vulnerable to betrayal at the hands of his former allies, Bowie Jane, Matt, and Jag, and according to the livestream footage, Cameron is hurt by the way things went down.  

But the show doesn’t care about Cameron’s feelings, and it appears the Minutemen and Bowie Jane may have finally found a way to neutralize a powerful player in the game. This is Cameron’s fifth time on the eviction block, and he’s always found a way to wriggle out of trouble. But with the game starting to wind down, it seems unlikely that anyone in the house is going to grant him a stay of execution or a chance to join the “Big Brother” winners’ circle.

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To find out if this is the eviction notice that actually sticks with Cameron, check out “Big Brother” Season 25 on CBS on Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT.


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