When will ‘Father Stu’ be on Netflix?

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Father Stu – Picture: Sony Pictures

Mark Wahlberg’s new movie Father Stu is due to release in theaters over the April Easter weekend and will eventually be coming to netflix in many regions around the world including the United States. Here’s a rough idea as to when Father Stu will stream on netflix after its theatrical run. 

Directed and written by Rosalind Ross, this story adapts the real-world figure of a boxer who is diagnosed with IBM and eventually became a Catholic priest.

The new movie hits theaters exclusively on April 13th in the United States. Alongside Wahlberg stars Jacki Weaver and Mel Gibson.

When will Father Stu be on Netflix US?

For the first time, new Sony movies are coming to netflix on a timely basis in what’s called the Pay-1 window. That means the second the theatrical window is up, it’ll join netflix for a year and a half before leaving in this instance for Disney streaming services.

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Father Stu will be the third major Sony movie to come to netflix as part of this new deal following Uncharted and Morbius.

Now we still don’t have an exact idea of timelines regarding Sony’s theatrical window but based on when movies went to Starz, they dropped anywhere between 155 to 225 days following their theatrical debut.

Peter Rabbit 2, which came to netflix as part of the animation first window deal with Sony, arrives in 184 days. That’d place the movie arriving in October 2022.

In which case, we’re expecting Father Stu to stream anywhere between September and December 2022 but we’ll likely need to see when Uncharted drops first to get the best understanding as to how this deal looks in practice.

The movie will then stream on netflix throughout 2023 and likely leave in early 2024 with Hulu likely being its streaming home afterward.

Will Father Stu be on Netflix internationally?

Yes, is likely the answer but unlike the United States, we don’t get informed of regional specifics.

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Instead, we can look at how previous Sony movies have dropped onto netflix and assume they take a similar release pattern this time around. Just to reiterate, these regions and dates are pure guesswork based on previous Sony movies coming to netflix. We’ll update you should we learn more.

netflix India is one of the regions that seems to have a first window deal (Ghostbusters: Afterlife just arrived on Netflix India) too so you can expect Father Stu available by the end of 2022.

Many regions of Netflix including the United Kingdom, Canada, and most of Europe seem to get new Sony movies in or around 2 years after their theatrical debut. In which case, you can expect Father Stu in or around 2023-24.

Other regions will likely have an even longer wait but keep an eye on our Netflix latest page for insights on what’s coming to Netflix where you live.

You’ll be seeing plenty more of Mark Wahlberg on Netflix in the coming years anyway. His movie with Kevin Hart called Me Time is scheduled to arrive on Netflix in 2022 and production is currently due to start on his next project, Our Man From Jersey imminently.

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Will you be checking out Father Stu in the cinemas or will you be waiting for it to jump onto Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.


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