Which Spice Girl Is A Part Of The Cast?

While Geri Halliwell has starred in some movies before, it is a bit rare for her. When asked about joining the cast of “Gran Turismo” by Metro, she explained, “The script of ‘Gran Turismo’ from the beginning was fantastic. It’s a really great story, and it’s inspiring; it’s real. You know, it’s action, but it’s unairbrushed, and there’s a huge amount of heart.” However, it’d be remiss to fail to point out that Halliwell has been married to former racing driver Christian Horner since 2015. 

He’s won 11 world titles, which include six World Drivers’ Championships and five World Constructors’ Championships. Even though he began as a driver, he switched to becoming head of the International Formula 3000 team Arden International Motorsport. He comes from a family with a history in the automotive industry, which suited Halliwell just fine as she’s always been drawn to cars. Halliwell was also interviewed by Fandango about her history with racing. She stated, “I’ve always loved cars. My father was a second-hand car dealer, and so I was always taken to like racing. And so I’ve always had that love for it.”

There’s no word on what Halliwell’s next cinematic project might be. In 2019, there were reports an animated Spice Girls movie was in the works, but it sounds like it’s since been shelved indefinitely. Spice Girls fans can now see Halliwell in “Gran Turismo,” playing in theaters.


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