Who Plays Sasha On General Hospital

Sasha Gilmore is portrayed by Swedish actor Sofia Mattsson on “General Hospital.” Mattsson has been working as an actor since 2012. Following her debut on the show back in 2018, Mattsson has appeared in 244 episodes of the beloved soap opera to date. While Sasha is still a presence on the show, Mattsson herself briefly stepped away from the role. That is because, according to Distractify, she opted to take some time off from the show following the birth of her child. As such, her sister Helena Mattsson (who is also an actor) stepped in to briefly play Sasha while her sister was out.

While “General Hospital” is Mattsson’s longest tenure on a TV series by a wide margin, she has some other notable credits on her IMDb page that are worth looking at as well. In addition to “General Hospital,” Mattsson can also be seen in “Two and a Half Men,” “NCIS,” “Campus Security,” “Gothic Harvest,” and more. Moreover, as she is back from her brief “General Hospital” sabbatical, fans can expect to see her play Sasha Gilmore for the foreseeable future.

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