Who Was ‘God Of Destruction’ Before Beerus & How Powerful Were They?

If “Dragon Ball GT” is, in fact, canon, then it takes place after everything that has happened in “Dragon Ball Super” thus far. That said, Goku’s power decreases drastically at the series’ start when he transforms into a child, so virtually all of his adversaries throughout “GT” are weaker than his opponents in “Super.” Accordingly, then, Luud is not quite deserving of the “God of Destruction” moniker when compared to Beerus.

In “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods” and its subsequent adaptation at the start of “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku attains a new form called Super Saiyan God that surpasses his most powerful form in “Dragon Ball Z.” Even with its power, he can’t defeat Beerus. Meanwhile, Goku in his weakened “GT” state holds his own against Luud’s final form before Pan uncovers a fatal weakness that they exploit together to defeat him.

So, while Luud may be the first God of Destruction in “Dragon Ball” history, his power is altogether unworthy of the title as it’s understood today.

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