Why Bones’ Gamer In The Grease Episode Was Basically An Avatar Ad

In “The Gamer in the Grease,” the Jeffersonian team is called in to solve the murder of a body found inside a grease truck. Investigation determines the victim is a postman — but more importantly, he’s the purported record-holder of a video game called Punky Pong. A sub-plot involves Jack Hodgkins, Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley), and Colin Fischer (Joel David Moore) — one of the revolving “squinterns” who replaced Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) following the revelations of his true loyatlies in the third season. Fischer wins tickets to see “Avatar” and the three plot to stand in line to get the best seats for the film.

Early in the episode, preview footage from the movie actually appears on screen as the three discuss their strategy. Angela walks in and asks them, “What’s with the blue people?” This gives them a chance to explain about the Na’vi people of Pandora, but Angela is unmoved, telling them they are not allowed to watch movies on her giant monitor. “Angela, this is so much more than a movie,” Hodgkins says reverently.

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The three sneak off to pitch a tent in line, although their plan to take turns manning it goes a bit off-track thanks to a female fan they meet in line. Sweets struggles with fidelity and the others must pretend they’re actually working, providing a bit of levity to the narrative. In the end, Fisher misses the film in favor of getting it on with his new acquaintance.


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