Why Gerry Guerrero From Blue Bloods Looks So Familiar

The role Bauer is likely best known for to most audiences is one of his first and best as Manny Ribera, the best friend and second hand to Tony Montana (Al Pacino). He follows Montana on his rise to power as a drug kingpin, but the two become adversarial as Ribera begins seeing Montana’s sister and Montana starts losing his mind with power. Bauer provides some of the movie’s biggest laughs and his onscreen charisma is clear from the start. 

“Scarface” didn’t make the biggest splash in theaters when first released in 1983, but it has become a major hit over the years with a loyal cult following, especially in the rap community. Pacino even said years later rappers helped the film have a revival of sorts and claimed those he talked to understood the movie deeply (via MTV). Bauer didn’t have as flashy a role as Pacino did, but he’s arguably just as well remembered from the film. He even reprised his role for the 2006 video game sequel, “Scarface: The World Is Yours.” 

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The film, directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone, is based on a 1930 novel by Armitage Trail and serves as a remake of a 1932 movie by the same name. Of the three tellings of this tale, it’s not hard to see that the 1983 film has stood the test of time more than its peers.


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