Why The Halo Paramount+ Series’ Sound Design Is More Important Than You Think

Sure, the “Halo” TV series takes place in a completely separate timeline from the one established by the original games — but it still feels incredibly authentic to the IP. Paramount+ has ensured that all the details match the source material — from the Spartans’ enhanced Mjolnir armor, to the UNSC officers’ uniform. But the sound design also plays a big part in making audiences really feel like they’re in the “Halo” universe. Thankfully, Paramount+ and Showtime have taken sounds directly from the games to stay as faithful as possible.

During the action-packed opening to Episode 1, “Contact,” Master Chief and his squad face off against a horde of Covenant Elites on the planet Madrigal. The hero gets hit with some of the enemy’s energy weapons during the firefight, which knocks out the shield on his suits. Fans will recognize that it sounds exactly the same as when that happens during the games, especially when it recharges back to full capacity.

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The weapons themselves also sound like a perfect recreation of the energy weapons used by the Covenant. Hopefully Master Chief gets to wield a Needler at some point in the series; their unique sound would be a verified Easter egg.


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