Witcher Theory: Hemsworth’s Geralt Isn’t From A Multiverse

In his interview with Wyborcza, Tomek Baginski went on to clarify how reality works in the “Witcher” universe as of the all-important “Lady of the Lake” revelation — while the story of Geralt and friends happened one specific way, how bard Jaskier (played by Joey Batey in the TV series) tells it might differ from how it’s remembered in elven society, for example. So, whereas the netflix show has presented the perspective of presumably just one storyteller so far, Baginski is implying that Season 4 will introduce the perspective or perspectives of at least one if not multiple new narrators.

“Everything was turned upside down, and suddenly it turned out to be some postmodern play with form. It was supposed to be fantasy, but it turned into a philosophical discourse on the nature of reality,” he continued, referring to the fifth “Witcher” novel. “Suddenly, it turns out that we can jump forward and backward in this narrative, change the context of what happened, etc. I see what’s happening among the fans and how rigidly they interpret what ‘The Witcher’ is. But the truth is, the ways of interpretation can vary widely.”

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From the sound of it, then, Season 4 will shake up the “Witcher” universe in more ways than just altering Geralt’s appearance once the idea that reality depends on who’s narrating it becomes canon.


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