Yellowstone Theory Explains Why Jamie Is A Biological Dutton

This would offer Jamie a direct line of succession to the ranch as far as how property is commonly handed down to the benefactors of the deceased. “Jamie would stand in for his mother. I believe this is why Garrett Randall says again and again that ‘they stole Jamie’s birthright,’ – meaning he’s relegated as an adopted son of John currently, and this is why John is so fearful of Jamie,” u/EdselandIris_Inc wrote. While it would be a huge bombshell to drop on “Yellowstone” fans this close to the end of the series, the suggestion is in line with Taylor Sheridan’s twisty, secret-laden storytelling style.

It would also be the final straw that would send Jamie over the edge for good in terms of his feud with John and Beth, who have always treated him like an outsider. The user went on to suggest an ending to the competition for succession at the Dutton ranch that could see Jamie coming out on top at the end of “Yellowstone.”

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“I believe that Jamie strikes a deal with Rainwater for the land that is due back to them in ‘7 generations’ – which is Tate and Jamie Jr.’s generation so that [the Duttons] keep land while securing revenue for Indian reservations with business on a portion of it,” the user also wrote. Theories like this one just go to show that it could still be anyone’s game, even Jamie’s, as “Yellowstone” ratchets onward to its inevitable conclusion


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